Belarus plans to develop routes for tourists from Austria

A visa-free regime allows foreigners to enter Belarus easily. This has made our country more attractive to tourists. Not so long ago, a meeting with the Austrian Ambassador in Belarus, Aloisia Vergetter, was held. She noted that she was happy to discover Belarus. And she listed several places that, in her opinion, would attract the attention of her compatriots:

  • castles in Mir and Nesvizh,

  • the Khatyn memorial complex,

  • the place where Napoleon with his army crossed the Berezina,

  • Minsk and its interesting places.

The Department of Tourism of the Ministry of Sports and the National Tourism Agency will soon be closely involved in the development of tours for residents from Austria. In January-February 2020, it is planned to organize a festival dedicated to winter sports in the Silichi ski resort. Famous Austrian athletes will be invited to it. This will increase the interest of Austrian residents to our country, and the routes designed especially for tourists from this country will help them to get acquainted with The blue-eyed.

Belarus plans to develop routes for tourists from Austria