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You can now find out about the sights of Zhabinka using your phone

You can now find out about the sights of Zhabinka using your phone

13.11.2021 Zhabinka

Plates with QR codes were installed in Zhabinka city. Any curious passer-by can now learn a little more about the history of the region, using only a smartphone with the Internet. You don't have to use boring Wikipedia and look for a guide. Just point the camera at the encrypted image, click on the pop-up link and enjoy! All sights are connected into a single route, Zhabinka historical.

Interestingly, plates with QR codes appeared in Zhabinka not only near cultural sights but also near state ones. For example, near the central hospital, the children's library and the house of culture. Made by the decision of local authorities. Everything in order to help tourists navigate the city, avoiding unnecessary contact with other people, which is especially important in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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