Near Komarovka a European Christmas market will appear

Near Komarovka a European Christmas market will appear

04.12.2019 Minsk

On December 21, the New Year's Fair Metelitsa will begin its work. The organizers promise that it will be as fabulous and beautiful as the famous Christmas markets in Lviv, Prague and other European cities. Right on the street, you can try hot mulled wine, cocoa, flavoured teas and a traditional Belarusian drink sbiten.

The fair will unfold right around the main Komarovskaya Christmas tree. It will be a colourful alley of 24 houses, over which a New Year's garland will be hung. In addition, the organizers took care of the guests’ leisure: at the fair, it will be possible to take part in interesting contests and round dances, play roundelays and even sing from the heart! By the way, from December 31 till January 1, the fair will work non-stop until 6 a.m.

Similar events will be held at many other areas of the city, for example, at Pesochnitsa.

Before the holidays, VETLIVA shares its gift ideas and writes about the most interesting offers for you and your loved ones!

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