Tourism became the main topic of the Belarusian-Polish forum

Tourism became the main topic of the Belarusian-Polish forum

27.11.2019 Krasnoselskiy

The third Belarusian-Polish economic forum was held in the village of Krasnoselsky. It was called Step Towards, and the place itself was not chosen by chance: the Volkovysk district recently entered the expanded visa-free zone. Recall also that on the territory of Krasnoselskstroymaterialy OJSC, where the event took place, there is one of the most interesting sights of our country — the Belarusian Maldives.

In the Volkovysk district, there are many interesting places from the historical and cultural point of view, as well as a well-developed tourist infrastructure. Guests from Poland will be interested in excursions and tours, holidays in sanatoriums and farmsteads, which are included in the extended visa-free zone. As a result of the forum, cooperation agreements were signed between organizations representing Belarus and Poland at the meeting.


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