Tourist information center opened in Vitebsk

An information center has appeared in Vitebsk, where you can learn more about the city and its attractions, check the opening hours of museums and shopping centers.

The place will help tourists who are going to get acquainted with the city and the region on their own, choose a route and give advice on how to build it correctly. With the help of a special computer program, tourists will be able to calculate  travel time to the next point on the route.

In addition, at the information center everyone can get acquainted with the Vasilkovy raj project, where the one can find out information about city's attractions using a special application. To do this, you just need to scan the QR codes printed on them.

Also there are books with information and reference data about Vitebsk and the region at the office, anyone can read them.

The new information center is also responsible for creating an attractive image of the city and promoting its tourism potential.

Tourist information center opened in Vitebsk