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Discounts up to 50% in the shopping centers of Minsk in May

Discounts up to 50% in the shopping centers of Minsk in May


Shopping centers continue to surprise the residents of the capital with sales and discounts. For some non-food products prices will fall in twice, and the discount will be about 50%! It's time to prepare for the summer. And the tourist portal Vetliva.com gladly presents a list of shopping centers participating in the sales:

1. The shopping center of JSC "CUM Minsk" invites you shopping on May 6 and offers to buy goods at a discount of 18%.

Also, there will be additional discounts for holders of discount cards on May 12,13,27, their discount will be 18%.

2. TKUP "Department store Belarus" will hold "Days of discounts" on May 2,16,23,30, a discount on goods will be 20%.

Also, additional discounts will be given to holders of discount cards:  on May 4,5,6,12,13,14,19,20,21,26,27,28,28 a discount of 22% will be applied.

3. JSC "GUM" will arrange the sale of a "Generous Day" on May 4,18,25:

• 20% for non-food products;

• 5% for food products.

Additional days and discounts will be given to the holders of discount cards. The sales will be held on May 5,7, and the discount will be 22% for non-food products, 7% for food products.

4. LLC "Trading House" Na Nemige" also takes part in May discounts. During the action "Pay attention!" You can purchase goods at a discount of 20% (non-food products) and 5% (food products)

• every Wednesday (on May 3,10,17,24,31),

• every Saturday (on May 6,13,20,27).

Even more benefits for discount card holders: every Friday of May (on May 5,12,19,26) there will be given a discount of 22% for non-food products, 5% for food products.

5. UE "Kirmash" invites you for sopping every Wednesday (on May 3,10,17,24,31) and Friday of May (on May 5,12,19,26), the discount will be 17%.

UE "Kirmash" also invites holders of discount cards for shopping on May 29, the discount amount is 22%.

In addition, the action dedicated to the Victory Day will be held: veterans of the Second World War will receive a discount of 17% from 1 to 9 of May, and there will be a free delivery of large goods to the apartment.

6. Ltd "Start-X", located on the street. Dolgobrodsky, 26, invites you to participate in the days of discounts that will be held:

• every Wednesday in May (on May 3,10,17,24,31), the discount amount is 15%;

• every Saturday of May (on May 6,13,20,27), the discount will be 17% for certain groups of goods.

7. LLP Severyanka on the street. Angarskaya, 38 holds shares on May 4,11,18,22,25 and provides a discount of 10-15% for certain groups of goods.

8. "For home" Company on the Lander 4 street provides a discount of 15% every Thursday (on May 4,11,18,25)

9. Ltd Vilnius-1, located on the Kalinovsky 55 street, holds sales every Wednesday of May (on May 3,10,17,24,31). The discount is 15% for certain groups of goods.

10. “Sandrik” Company on Pravda Gazeta 40 avenue holds shares every Tuesday of May (on May 2,9,16,23,30),  the discount will be provided in 15% for certain groups of goods.

11. LLC "Children's World" (Logoysky tract 25/1):

• on May 6,11,25 - the goods will be sold at the discount of 10%.

•on  May 15-31 - the sale of summer children's hats will be held, the discount will be 10%.

12.  "1000 trifles" Company (The Kalinina 1 Street) holds the shares every Thursday of May (on May 4,11,18,25) with a discount of 15%.

13. ODL "Veronica" at the Pritytskogo 38 street. A discount of 15% will be on May 19,20,27,28, and additionally every Tuesday (on May 2,9,16,23,30) from 15:00 to 20:00.

14. Gaspadar and Gaspadyynya Company on Independence 131/1 Company takes part in the action on May 10,17,24,31. The goods are distributed at a rate of 20%.

15. The store "Crystal", located on Independence Avenue, 39, arranges a sale, which will take place from 2 to 15 of May. The discount will be 25%.

16. OJSC "Torgodezhda", shop "Vopratka" on the Platonova 36 street. Every day during May, discounts up to 17% for the entire range.

17. UE "Blaskavitsa" provides a 15% discount on all goods, which will be valid only on May 1.

18. Stolitsa Shopping Center stores on May 8, 9, 20 and 27 also participate in the action and will offer discounts from 5 to 50%. Also, in connection with the holding of the "Days of discounts" on May 20 and 27, parking tariffs will also be reduced in the underground parking of the shopping center "Stolitsa".

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