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Three nature reserves of Belarus will be adapted for recreation of people with disabilities

Three nature reserves of Belarus will be adapted for recreation of people with disabilities


People with disabilities in the modern world do not stay at home, they actively travel and discover new things. This trend has not changed with the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic. 

In the struggle for equal rights, nature reserves in Belarus are gradually being adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. This is done by the UNDP and the Ministry of Natural Resources of Belarus. In the near future, they are going to adapt the infrastructure of three nature reserves – Naliboksky, Osveysky and Ozery. 

In the Ozery Nature Reserve, the entrance to the building of the visitor center will be changed so that people with disabilities can get into it. Now it is problematic to do this. 

In the Naliboksky nature Reserve, the ecotropa will be modernized – wooden flooring will be replaced in areas of swamps and meadows, and handrails will be installed, which will increase the safety of tourists. 

A ramp for wheelchair users, which was so lacking, will appear in the visitor center of the Osveisky Nature Reserve. 

In addition, explanatory work will be carried out with people in contact with tourists. Managers and employees of environmental institutions, owners of farmsteads, local residents, entrepreneurs, public organizations, artisans and many others will receive special training, where they will be taught to create equal opportunities for vacationers: people with and without disabilities. 

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