Top-5 gastronomic streets in Minsk

The well-known Belarusian brand Exponenta made a rating of gastronomic streets in the Belarusian capital. In the definition of "gastronomic" employees of the company included such characteristics of the streets as

  • Density of cafes, bars, restaurants, canteens, food courts, buffets;
  • It’s quality;
  • Variety of offered menus.

Top-5 gastronomic streets of Minsk, according to Exponenta opinion:

5th place: Zybitskaya Street is famous for its large number of bars and pubs.

4th place: Nemiga street with fast food restaurants and coffee shops.

3rd place: Nezavisimosti Avenue, which gathered more than 100 restaraunts, bars, cafes and other.

2nd place: Karl Marx street, which was chosen by respectable restaurants, pizzerias and cafes.

1 place: Internationalnaya street. In this small street (length of about 1 km) there are more than 20 food places, constantly competing with each other and offering a high quality of service and a varied menu for visitors.