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TOP-3 best places in Belarus for family vacations

TOP-3 best places in Belarus for family vacations

02.07.2021 Minsk

In-country tourism is now especially popular. Moreover, the weather in Belarus is now no worse than in southern countries.

There are many interesting places and cozy recreational centers in Belarus where you can relax and improve your health. We have selected for you the TOP-3 most popular places in the country, ideal for families.


Perhaps, everyone has heard about Nanosy. The ethnocultural complex Nanosy-Otdyh is a 19th-century village built on a peninsula and surrounded by a pine forest. The ethnic rest is offered here: tourists are accommodated in comfortable village houses, each equipped with a Russian banya. All the delights of rural life: the purest water from a well, roosters singing at dawn and traditional Belarusian cuisine are included.

In addition to the usual entertainment: walks in the woods, fishing and yacht rentals, various activities and excursions that will surely please both you and your children are offered in Nanosy.

A fabulous equestrian show evokes a stormy delight in children and adults. It is no less exciting to visit an operating water mill. Moreover, you can not only watch it working but also take part in the preparation of bread under the strict guidance of the master. The guests unanimously claim that they have never in their lives eaten bread tastier, and take home several loaves of freshly baked aromatic bread.


There is also a windmill in the complex. Unlike the water one, it does not work, but the view from its observation deck will give a lot of impressions. In the mill itself, a museum of samogon is organized.

And that is not all. At your service are museums of money, vintage cars and samovars, horse riding lessons, and a playground. Babysitting services are organized to help parents.

How much does it cost to stay:

  • Renting an obschinny house for 4 people with three meals a day will cost 560 BYN per day.

  • Renting a meshchansky house for 6 people with three meals a day will cost 1065 BYN per day.

You can get to Nanosy both independently and by transfer.

Dukorsky Maentak

Dukorsky Maentak is not only an upside-down house, although it certainly attracts many tourists. In Dukora you can learn more about the work of artisans. Perhaps you will not find so many of them in one place more than here, — weavers, potters, blacksmiths, candle makers and distillers — all of them are at your service. The masters will tell you about the intricacies of the profession, show you how masterpieces are created, and answer your questions.

дукорский маентак2.jpeg

Fans of outdoor activities will not be disappointed either — horseback riding and chaise rides, minigolf and paintball are organized for them in Dukorsky Maentak. Children will certainly be interested in a glade of fairy tales, a rope town, a shooting range and a zoo.

Lovers of romance can rent a boat and bungalows, and gourmets will appreciate the tasting room and shanks. The oak of desires also grows here. They say that if you hug it and make a wish, your desire will come true — come and try!

дукорский маентак1.jpg

In Dukorsky Maentak you can go on an excursion or live here for a while.


  • Accommodation: guest houses for a company of up to 6 people will cost 180 BYN per day, up to 12 people — 320 BYN.

  • Meals must be ordered and paid separately.

Recreation center Dryvyaty

It is not for nothing that the nature of Belarus was praised by creative people in different ways. Sparkling lakes, inviting green islets and endless forests under the clear blue sky - not poetry, but reality! The recreation center Dryvyaty is located near one of the most beautiful lakes of the National Park Braslav Lakes. The beauty of these places is mesmerizing!


Relaxation by the lake, an excursion to Braslav and the village of Ikazn, where ancient Orthodox and Catholic churches are located.

Or you can go on a boat trip along the system of the Braslav lakes Snudo and Strusto. By the way, a very beautiful and romantic Belarusian legend is connected with the latter.

Have you dreamed of going on a real hunt or fishing? An unforgettable adventure can be organized in Dryvyaty. And then you can relax in the bath or sauna, play billiards.


Children in Dryvyaty are also welcomed: an open playground, bicycle and electric car rental, boat trips and excursions to the safari park were organized for the children.


  • From July 20, rental prices will vary from 42.5 BYN to 158.55 BYN, depending on the room and whether meals are included.

  • On July 23-25, during the Viva Braslav festival, the rental price will be higher.

You can get to the recreation center Dryvyaty by personal transport or use a transfer.

Relax with us and learn new things every day!

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