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Self-isolation period for first-level contacts reduced to 7 days

Self-isolation period for first-level contacts reduced to 7 days


In Belarus, the term of self-isolation has been changed for those in contact with patients infected with Covid-19.

The period for self-isolation of first-level contacts with coronavirus patients has been reduced from 10 calendar days to 7 from the date of the last contact. These rules apply to both citizens of Belarus and foreigners, as well as stateless persons.

The forced self-isolation after crossing the border of Belarus will no longer be mandatory for foreigners who are in our country to study, get vaccinated, as well as for those who arrived by train from the Kaliningrad region without transfers.

Foreigners entering Belarus must show a negative coronavirus test result. Taking into account the introduced changes, now the result of the analysis does not have to be in paper form; an electronic document is also suitable, including the data in the Traveling without COVID-19 application. The norm applies to all foreigners over 6 years old.

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