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A square with unusual installations was opened in Gomel

A square with unusual installations was opened in Gomel

05.11.2019 Gomel

An unusual square opened in late October in Gomel. The idea was developed and realized by students, and the funds for the reconstruction were gathered thanks to Gomel organizations and enterprises. The new Gomel landmark was decorated at once with several different types of installations. Thanks to the efforts of students of BelSUT ‘s faculty of Architecture and Construction, the following installations can be seen in the park:

  • luminous lights with changing colours of the backlight,

  • benches equipped with solar panels (real salvation for tourists who come to Gomel on an excursion or on a tour, because it is here that you can charge your smartphone for free),

  • a singing bench, which performs musical compositions for all visitors.

By the way, benches give out Wi-Fi for free, so in the park, near BelGUT you can not only relax but also immediately upload photos to your favourite social network. Read our guide and you will know what to see in Gomel and how to spend a day in the city on Sozh.

Source: https://mediabrest.by/

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247019, Gomel district, Novaya Guta village , Belarus
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, Gomel , Belarus
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