The sculptural composition "Coin" won the "Brand of the Year" competition
The sculptural composition "Coin", reflecting more than a thousand years of the financial history of Belarus, won the "Brand of the Year" competition. The jury awarded this project with a gold medal in the category "Support for national self-identification".

The art object is a bronze coin with a diameter of three meters. It depicts banknotes that were in circulation on the territory of Belarus in different years. The oldest of them is the Arab dirham of the 9th century, the “youngest” is 2 Belarusian rubles. A total of 10 coins are placed on the composition.

The author of the work is the sculptor Konstantin Kostyuchenko. You can see her in Minsk near the head office of Dabrabyt bank on Kommunisticheskaya street. The opening of "Coin" took place in September 2020.

Brand of the Year is the first and only professional competition in the field of marketing and branding in Belarus. All works taking part in it are evaluated by a jury, which includes leading experts and specialists from different countries. Awards are awarded only if the nominees reach the required professional level.

More than 70 brands took part in the "Brand of the Year 2020" competition. The award ceremony was held on January 28 in Minsk.