The symbol of 2022 was chosen at the Grodno Zoo
Every year the Grodno Zoo chooses an animal among its pets, which will become a symbol of the New Year. In 2022 it will be a tiger.

Brave, wayward and cautious Shere Khan is the best fit for this role. He is like a combination of the basic qualities of a striped predator. But what bad luck! Next to Sherkhan, there is always his girlfriend – the tigress Taiga. Taiga is a caring mother, playful and flexible. By nature, she is the complete opposite of Sher Khan.

The zoo workers decided this year to move away from traditions and choose two – Sherkhan and Taiga as the symbol of the year. Moreover, the couple is really special! In captivity, tigers rarely have cubs, and Sherkhan and Taiga, despite everything, became parents in 2016. They gave birth to two cubs.

Despite the low temperatures outside the window, Sher Khan is not averse to taking a walk in the open enclosure. Amur tigers are not afraid of cold weather and even love to frolic in the snow. They are warmed by dense fur and fatty layer. Sher Khan came to the Grodno Zoo from Udmurtia. In general, Amur tigers are from the Middle East.

Employees of the Grodno Zoo are confident that 2022 will bring Belarusians twice as much luck. Two symbols of the year will take care of this!

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The symbol of 2022 was chosen at the Grodno Zoo