The largest hostel opened in Minsk

The historical building of the 19th century had been standing and slowly collapsing for many years until its rental rights were sold at the auction. The reconstruction of the new Minsk hostel called Urban had lasted for two years. It was done at the expense of the city budget and sponsors.

Thanks to the participation  in the project of Minsk Spadchyna organization it was possible to preserve many historical and cultural fragments during the work :

  • brickwork with numbering,

  • authentic chimneys

  • the original colour of the walls, etc.

In total, the new Minsk hostel is designed for 110 beds and consists of 24 rooms. Thus, this is the largest building in Belarus, which is used as a hostel. A professional designer worked on its interior, so each room looks modern and stylish so that everywhere you can take a photo and post it in a social network.

An interesting fact from VETLIVA: there are rumours that in the building of Pishchalovsky Castle, which is still used as a prison and is one of the most famous castles in Belarus, one day a thematic hotel can appear. Until it happens, you can rent a room in the new hostel or choose any other accommodation in Minsk.

The largest hostel opened in Minsk