On October 27 Belavia switched to the winter schedule

On October 27 Belavia switched to the winter schedule

29.10.2019 Minsk

In late October, Belavia has already switched to the winter schedule. In the period from October 27 2019, until March 28 2020, the airline company operates flights in various directions with the following frequency:

  • 2 flights to Sheremetyevo every day,

  • Tallinn, Munich, London, Batumi, Budapest — 4 flights weekly,

  • 1 daily flight to Chisinau,

  • 11 weekly flights to Tbilisi,

  • 5 weekly flights to Baku,

  • 3 flights to Sochi every week,

  • 6 weekly flights to Riga, Berlin and Istanbul,

  • 8 times a week — Vilnius.

In addition, an increase in the frequency of flights to Egypt is expected. It will be possible to fly to warm countries not only from the capital but also from the regional centers of Belarus. So it remains only to choose a direction and to buy tickets for the flight.

VETLIVA recalls: Belavia is one of the most punctual companies in the world, so try to arrive at the airport in advance. If you order a transfer, you can be sure that you won’t miss your flight.

Source: https://belavia.by/

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