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From September, 1 one more train Brest-Moscow was launched

From September, 1 one more train Brest-Moscow was launched

08.09.2021 Brest

The Belarusian Railway launched a night train, which runs from Moscow to Brest and back.

From the railway station of Brest the train starts at 18:23, it will arrive in Moscow the next day at 09:23. On the way back from the Russian capital, it departs at 23:30 and will arrive the next day at 14:46. The train will run every day.

The places for people with disabilities are organized on the train.

The trip will cost 122-259 BYN depending on the selection of reserved seats on the train or a coupe.

Please note that only citizens of Russia and Belarus can take a ride on this train. In addition, do not forget that at the entrance to these countries it will be needed to show the negative result of the PCR test in the mobile application Traveling without COVID-19. Learn more about the rules of entry in the territory of Belarus can be found here.

The Belarusian Railway reminds of the current mask mode. All passengers must use personal protective equipment during a trip by train.

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