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Russians spent $200 million in Belarus over the summer

Russians spent $200 million in Belarus over the summer


Belarus has become a favorite vacation spot for tourists from Russia. In the summer of 2021, they spent about $242.8 million in our country. Belarus took the honorable second place in the ranking of the countries where Russians spent the most money.

Blue-eyed overtook Ukraine, Cyprus and Greece, losing only to Turkey.

The rating looks like this:

  1. In Turkey, tourists from Russia left about $351 million

  2. In Belarus – $242.8 million

  3. In Ukraine – 146.2 million

  4. Italy – 119.8 million

  5. Kazakhstan – 117.1 million

  6. Cyprus – 90.9 million

  7. United States – 85.8 million

  8. Greece – 80.1 million

  9. Armenia – 78.8 million

  10. Germany – 75.2 million

Experts note that in general, the level of spending on recreation has grown significantly compared to 2020, but still has not reached the indicators of 2019. But the tourist flow of Russian tourists to Belarus is gradually recovering.

What attracts Russians to Belarus?

Tourists from Russia in the summer of 2021 showed great interest in Belarusian health resorts and agro-estates, and they were also attracted by active recreation. And this is not surprising.

Belarusian sanatoriums have become a favorite vacation spot not only for local residents but also for foreigners. Vacationers appreciated the professionalism of doctors and staff, excellent medical equipment, comfortable buildings and modern entertainment programs.

Agritourism in Belarus is developing thanks to government programs. The owners are given benefits and loans to start their own businesses. The country has a huge number of various agro-estates: some specialize in folk crafts, others in growing plants, and others are focused on entertainment – in general, each has something to surprise guests. In the country, open days are held annually in the estates of different regions.

As for outdoor activities, the state is also directly involved here. New tourist routes for kayaking, eco-trails, bicycle routes and parks are constantly appearing in Belarus.

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