Robot mannequin in Minsk promotes guest card

In Minsk, a robot stands on Komsomolskaya Street, which holds a large guest card in its hands. On the mannequin clothes with national symbols.

The idea of ​​the robot came "Mingorspavka". On the street Komsomolskaya robot has been worth more than a week. Prior to that, he was located on Nemiga. At night, the mannequin is hidden in the kiosk, next to which it is located. The seller from the souvenir shop is joking that the mannequin scared him a little when he first met. This national Belarusian shirt was put on the robot, because the leadership of “Mingorispravk” likes national symbols.

In the near future, a new more modern robot with high-quality voice acting will appear in the "Mingorspravka".

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