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Industrial tourism is planned to be developed in Gomel

Industrial tourism is planned to be developed in Gomel

11.09.2019 Gomel

Gomel is famous not only for its palace and park ensemble. There are located one of the largest agricultural machinery manufacturing plants Gomselmash, as well as Spartak confectionery and other well-known brands of Belarus. Many people are interested in the technologies of production of various goods, just remember how popular the excursion to the BELAZ plant is.

The management of the sports and tourism department of Gomel city executive committee intends to develop the direction of industrial tourism. The first steps have already been taken: for example, Gomselmash has its own excursion route called Gomselmash tourist, where tourists are given information about the process of combines production and even offered to become an instant test driver. Spartak provides a guided tasting tour at all! If there anybody, who doesn’t want to try flavored chocolate or a crisp bar?! Thanks to the visa-free regime, the tourists flow to Gomel is growing, and therefore it is planned to increase the number of interesting routes and to promote them actively in the market of tourist services.

Source:  https://www.gomselmash.by/o-kompanii/ekskursii-na-gomselmash/

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