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Take a ride on a Drakkar across the Neman? Easily!

Take a ride on a Drakkar across the Neman? Easily!


Guarded by the goddess or Ingert invites to take a ride on the Neman on a Drakkar. That is the name of the Scandinavian boat, that was recently launched in Grodno. The ship is recreated to the smallest detail. It was on such ships that the Vikings once sailed through the seas. The idea to build a Drakkar came to Andrei Blazhevich, who has been engaged in historical reconstruction for many years. By the way, by education he is a radiologist, what, however, does not prevent him from doing what he loves.

The shallop sails through the most picturesque places of the river in the old town. So, read our guide on Grodno and be sure to ride on the ship and feel like a real Viking!

An interesting fact from VETLIVA: this is not the only Drakkar in Belarus. You can sail on a Viking vessel during an excursion or a tour to Sula.

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