Festive programs of the Independence Day of Belarus

Traditionally, the Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus is celebrated widely not only in the capital, the city of Minsk, but also in all cities and villages of our country. We will tell you more about the program of events scheduled for July 3 in the capital, so that guests and residents of Minsk know where to go on this remarkable day.

1. The Parade in honor of the Independence Day of Belarus. A large-scale military procession involving infantry and equipment, as well as a bright airshow, will begin at 10.00 at the stela.

2. Festive salute. The first volleys of colorful lights will start after 23.00 near the stela, when the concert program is over.

3. Concert festive programs. The platform near the Sports Palace must be one of the most active and interesting: you will see the concert "Belarus in my heart", which will be held throughout the day from 11.30 to 23.00. You can purchase handmade gifts in the "City of Masters" and have a bite with traditional shish kebabs, pancakes, pancakes and other goodies from Belarusian producers. An interesting entertainment program is expected on the sites at the Town Hall in the Upper Town, in the Gorky Park and in front of the Salyut cinema.

4. "My Young Belarus”. The concert will take place near the obelisk "Minsk - Hero City", the event will begin at 21.00.

5. "Sing the hymn together." The event will take place near the obelisk "Minsk - Hero City" in front of the salute (five minutes before the start, at 22.55).

In addition, each district of Minsk has prepared its own interesting festive events and programs. Therefore, if you cannot get to the main city events, do not be sad!