Pros of 30-day visa-free travel!
Recall, from July 27, 2018 citizens of 74 countries can be on the territory of Belarus WITHOUT A VISA for up to 30 days, subject to entry through the National Airport Minsk

Pros of 30-day visa-free travel:
1. Sanatoriums of Belarus.
The increase in the period of visa-free travel for up to 30 days provides an opportunity to have a good rest and improve health in the Belarusian sanatoriums for any number of days. But it is worth remembering that the minimum period for vouchers for recovery and recovery is 12 days.

Most sanatoriums are located in picturesque places of the country: coniferous forests, shores of lakes, rivers and endless fields. And some of them are even located on the territory of national parks and reserves (for example, the sanatorium "Sosny" and "Priozerny"). In addition to clean and fresh air, why should you go to the Belarusian sanatoriums:
  • natural and medical factors - own sources of mineral waters and sapropelic mud.
  • a wide range of medical profiles. Belarusian sanatoriums are multidisciplinary.
  • modern medical-diagnostic base;
  • modern wellness and spa-centers. For example, in the sanatorium "Youth" Spa Center has a European quality certificate EUROPE SPA.
  • high-quality medical care and qualified specialists;
  • comfortable living in modern rooms;
  • developed infrastructure:
  • affordable prices.

2. Cities and attractions.
In Belarus there are so many attractions and mysterious corners, it can rightfully be called an "open-air museum". Therefore, lovers and connoisseurs of ancient architecture 5 days to see all the beauty of the country, just not enough. But in 30 days it is more real to find out and love Belarus.

3. Open doors
Now you can come to Belarus spontaneously - even today.

4. Cooperation
The 30-day visa-free regime promotes the development of business - the search for partners, investors, the exchange of experience, participation in various conferences and exhibitions.

5. Festivals, sporting events and others.
Thanks to a 30-day visa-free entry, tourists can now visit any festivals, sports and other events without worrying that they will not have enough time.

As you can see, the 30-day visa-free travel has only one advantage, so travel with pleasure!