A mobile train-museum goes on a tour around Belarus

The Victory Train is a unique museum dedicated to the Great Patriotic War.

The exhibition is not located in the halls of the building, but directly in the carriages of a real train. Each carriage contains an exhibition on a specific topic.

The expositions are not as simple as they might seem at first glance. Each one is made on the basis of modern high technologies. With the help of audio, video, light and animation, the effect of presence is created.

The museum train will run across Belarus from 11 to 28 June. Here is the timetable for its movement:

  • The first three days, from 11 to 13 June, it will be in the capital

  • From 14 to 15 June Orsha citizens will be able to visit it

  • June 16-17 — the train will be in Vitebsk

  • June 18 — residents of Polotsk will be able to visit the museum

  • From 19 to 20 the train will make a stop in Grodno

  • From 21 to 24 — it will be in Brest

  • Residents of Gomel will be able to see the exposition of the museum from 25 to 26

  • June 27-28 — the train be in Mogilev 

The expositions operate in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health of Belarus. Only 10 people are allowed in the carriage. Mandatory condition: guests must wear masks.

Unfortunately, the museum can only be visited by invitation tickets. But you can watch the online tour.

A mobile train-museum goes on a tour around Belarus