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The park of lost attractions appeared in the Brest region

The park of lost attractions appeared in the Brest region

07.10.2021 Ivanovo

A whole park of historical miniatures has been created in the center of Ivanovo. 

Six models of buildings known in Belarus, which have already been destroyed, are located here.

The miniatures presented are the most accurate copies of buildings, made at a scale of 1:10. The objects were created by a group of craftsmen led by Igor Lapekha, a local historian from Grodno. The exterior of the buildings was restored based on the documents and drawings of Napoleon Orda.

Here you can see how the manor houses of Dostoevsky and the Horde looked, the summer residence of Wojciech Puslovsky, the Skirmunt family palace in Molodovo and even the house of the first president of Israel, Chaim Weizmann.

The park is still under construction. The plans are to install information stands, thanks to which guests themselves can get more information about the presented attractions. It is planned that it is from this park that tourists will begin their acquaintance with the city.

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