Monument, which does not exist: a virtual sculpture was installed in Minsk

Monument, which does not exist: a virtual sculpture was installed in Minsk


Progress does not stand still. In Minsk the first virtual monument in Europe appeared. It is not surprising that such a creative sculpture is dedicated to all IT professionals. You will not see the sculpture with the naked eye. If you want to see it you are to arm yourself with a smartphone and walk along Komsomolskaya Street.

What is a new sight of Minsk? The creators of the art object decided to make the patron saint of all the system administrators of the capital ... the owl, who is holding a mouse (of course, a computer mouse). The grand opening of the virtual monument took place on July 25 and was timed to coincide with the international day of the system administrator, which is celebrated on July 26. Unlike traditional scarlet tape, IT specialists cut the power cable. In this way, congratulated all people involved in the IT-sphere.

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