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Everyone is invited to taste Grechaniki and learn more about weaving in the Malorita region

Everyone is invited to taste Grechaniki and learn more about weaving in the Malorita region


In the Brest region, a tourist destination based on unique local traditions will be developed. In the Malorita region, such traditions are the art of weaving kozhushkom and baking bread from buckwheat.

Fragrant brown bread interspersed with grains welcomes you to taste it. Grechaniki is a traditional dish of local residents. Unusual bread is baked here everywhere, depending on the village, the recipe may differ slightly. By the way, the technology is included in the register of the national heritage of Belarus.

Why buckwheat? It just so happened that buckwheat here always gave a better harvest than wheat, so the locals baked from what was in abundance. The craftswomen pray for buckwheat flour themselves. Of course, not with millstones, but with the help of modern technology. Coarse buckwheat flour is used in cooking, this is considered the most useful. They say that it is thanks to her that the bread turns out to be especially fragrant, dear.

Weaving is a traditional Belarusian art. The locals managed to preserve and restore ancient traditions, so now amazingly beautiful masterpieces in the old technique maned kozhushkom are coming off the machine.

As part of the creation of new tourist destinations in the Brest region, guests will be introduced to the sights of the Malorita region, the traditions of local residents, they will be fed with aromatic grechaniki and, if desired, will be taught how to bake this dish.

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223311, Berezinsky district, village of Guta , Belarus
  • Distance to Minsk: 102 km
  • Natural spring water from an environmentally friendly source