The winners of the contest #otpuskby are announced

As promised, on September 27, on World Tourism Day, VETLIVA and the tour operator CENTREKURORT are ready to announce the winners of the competition How I spent my vacation in Belarus.

Thanks to all the participants. It was really difficult to choose the best ones.

  • The first place goes to Grazhina Lentsevich, who made a story about her visit to the fantasy estate Litovka, Belarusian Maldives and the thematic holiday Ivyesky pomidor. The prize is a power bank and a sweatshirt.

  • The second place goes to Elena Lyubashevskaya, who attended the Mogilev festival Radost’, Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk, as well as Budslav and Brest cities. Elena receives an inflatable pillow and a backpack.

  • The third place was taken by Svetlana Danilova-Tretyak, who travelled far and wide across Belarus. Svetlana visited Gomel, Baranovichi, Pinsk and Grodno. Her prize is a thermal mug and a blanket.

If this time you are not lucky, do not despair! There are still many different competitions ahead. Better be inspired by the work of the participants and travel with us!

конкурс вк 1 место 1.jpg

конкурс вк 1 место 2.jpg

конкурс вк 1 место 3.jpg

конкурс вк 2 место 1.jpg

конкурс вк 2 место 2.jpg

конкурс вк 2 место 3.jpg

конкурс вк 3 место 1.jpg

конкурс вк 3 место 2.jpg

конкурс вк 3 место 3.jpg

The winners of the contest #otpuskby are announced