Turn to folk traditions and try oneself in sports: a new way of rest is offered in Silichi

Closed borders have puzzled many people: the choice of vacation spots has significantly narrowed. But fundamentally new directions appeared. One of them is the Summer in Silichi program by CENTREKURORT. A vacation for 3 or 7 days promises to be very interesting and useful.

Why Silichi?

In May 2021, a new building was opened in Silichi, the eco-trail was updated and new equipment was purchased — it is an excellent basis for new programs.

New programs are designed for 3 and 7 days. If you want to spend the weekend with benefits and take a break from the busy work rhythm, the 3-day program is the best choice. The 7-day one is already a good rest. For those who choose this program, every day will be filled with interesting events and will not be similar to the previous one.

What the programs are

The upcoming tickets for June 21, 28 and July 5 will be closely intertwined with the Kupala theme. You can celebrate this holiday in Belarus according to the old and new styles. The first arrival on June 21 also falls on the Day of the Summer Solstice, which was also paid attention to when planning the program. In addition to traditional jumping over the fire, vacationers will be able to take part in the ancient Slavic rite — weaving wreaths.

One of the days will be dedicated to Belarusian rituals, traditions and mythology. It will be possible, under the guidance of a master, to bake bread and find out what our ancestors put into this custom and how their worldview developed.

And one evening you can go on a tour around the starry sky. What names the Belarusians gave to the constellations and why, as well as where meteorites fell in the country — these facts will be told during the excursion.

On Saturday, the main day, for those who have chosen any of the recreation programs, a historical quest will take place in Silichi. It will be a real show! The goal is to help the gentry return to their era. In the evening, an enchanting fire show awaits our guests!

In addition to the intellectual, Silichi has all the opportunities for active recreation. Guests will be able to take part in football, volleyball, carting and even archery competitions. A yoga seminar will be held. By the way, every morning in Silichi will begin with breathing exercises, which is especially useful for those who had COVID-19.

How about taking a break from activities?

Events combine all 7 days in one plot, but it is not necessary to participate in all activities. If you wish, you can spend time alone, going for a walk, to the spa, sauna, swimming pool or to medical procedures. Wellness is also included in the programs.

For children, there are also activities to their liking. For them activities that will allow children to spend time with benefits are organized, so that adults could distract a little from parenting.

Spend three or seven days in Silichi — it's up to you! Whichever option you choose, believe me: the summer will be unforgettable!

Seven-day rides are organized every Monday from June 21st to August 23rd. The three-day program starts on Friday and can be ordered through September 24th.

Turn to folk traditions and try oneself in sports: a new way of rest is offered in Silichi