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A new water route appeared in Vitebsk

A new water route appeared in Vitebsk

09.09.2019 Vitebsk

Not so long ago in Vitebsk appeared an opportunity to take a ride on a boat. That isn’t the usual route from Victory Square to the park in Mazurino and back, but a five-hour journey. The path passes to the village of Barvin Perevoz through the gateway of Vitebsk hydroelectric station, then the ship returns.

The minimum number of people needed for departure is 45, so each traveller can buy a walk paying about 25 BYN. The price may vary because it depends on the destination of the route. For example, you can get to the museum-estate Zdravnevo, which is one of the top museums in Belarus, but this trip will last more than 9 hours. Therefore, the new route is recommended for those who plans to celebrate a wedding or a corporate event.

VETLIVA recommends: if you like boat trips, on Minsk Sea you can ride a boat or take a sail.

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211230, Vitebsk District, the village of Maliye Lettsy , Belarus
  • Distance to Minsk: 260 km
  • The Health resort has four unique sources of mineral water.

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, Vitebsk , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 248 km