A new ecological tourist complex has appeared not far from Pinsk

The facility is located on the picturesque shore of Lake Gorodischenskoye. The complex was named Silence. This is due to the privacy of the territory. But do not rush to draw conclusions! This is not a boring place.

Here guests are offered exciting walks, relaxing rest on the shore and a ride on the lake by boat or kayak. There is a whole range of interesting locations for guests: an observation tower, a pier, a gazebo, a barbecue area, a photo zone and an ecological trail.

The place was not chosen by chance; in the 20th century, a kayak center and the House of Tourism were located here. Then tourists came here in droves to relax in picturesque places.

By the way, not far away (in the southeast) there is another beautiful place — Lake Prodigal and the eco-trail of the same name. Its route passes through the territory where floodplain meadows and low-lying sedge bogs characteristic of Belarus have survived to this day.

You can get to the ecological tourist complex in three ways:

  • by car, just next to the P-8 highway;

  • on one of four buses running between the village of Gorodishche and Pinsk. The stop you need is called Zaozerye.

  • by train. A train running along the route Luninets-Brest-Center often runs through the Yaselda station.
A new ecological tourist complex has appeared not far from Pinsk