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Find a couple on Tbilisoba!

Find a couple on Tbilisoba!


On August 24, Tbilisoba, one of the most popular summer festivals in Belarus, will be held for the fifth time in the Upper Town. Within the Days of National Cultures in Minsk, Georgia and its residents will acquaint the residents of the capital of Belarus with their traditions. Performances of groups, various interesting locations for children, tastings of national cuisine and much more are expected.

In 2019, the organizers prepared an unexpected surprise for visitors to the holiday. Everyone who comes to Tbilisoba in splendid isolation and makes acquaintance here will get a unique chance to take part in a ticket to Georgia. So if you do not have a couple - on August 24 at the festival there is a chance to find your love.

The organizers have provided several opportunities for those who want to find a soul mate:

  • use the Tinder app,

  • leave your data on a special dating wall Offline Tinder Borjomi,

  • just talking to a stranger in the crowd.

Do not miss your chance: who knows, maybe it is for you to be lucky enough to go to sunny Georgia!

Source:  http://alvona.com/

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