On the second floor of the Minsk train station was installed ... a Moskvich

On the second floor of the Minsk train station was installed ... a Moskvich

18.11.2019 Minsk

A dismantled white and blue Moskvich-407 was brought into the building of the railway station and installed on the second floor. The car will become part of the thematic photo zone, which is prepared specially for the New Year. The installation will be devoted to books and films about the adventures of the young wizard Harry Potter. The story is popular far beyond the borders of Great Britain, and for many people, it is associated with the most magical holiday of the year.

In addition to the car, the composition will be made up of old suitcases, huge books, tiles and other decorative elements. Designers who were occupied in decorating the railway station lay, purchased items for installation at various flea markets, and then restored them manually.

Advice from VETLIVA: Do you want to see the magic photo zone with your own eyes? Nothing is easier! Almost every tour to Belarus begins at the railway station. So before the trip, you will have time to take plenty of pictures of this interesting exposition!

Source:  https://www.tio.by/

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