PCR laboratory opened at the Central Bus Station in Minsk

A laboratory, where one can be tested for coronavirus infection, appeared at the Central bus station in the capital. 

One can check for COVID-19 in two ways:

  • Standard PCR method

  • Rapid analysis for antigen (DET Ag)

The result of express testing can be received in 30 minutes. It is not necessary to pre-register for this. But the reception is in a live queue.

To pass the study using the standard method, you must register first. The recording opens at 9 am but only for the next day. The result will be ready within 24 hours from the moment of taking the analysis. For an additional fee, the test result can be added to the app Travelling without COVID-19.

The cost of standard PCR testing varies:

  • For residents of Belarus, it will cost 31.73 BYN, and with the addition of data to the application Traveling without COVID-19 – 35.33 BYN

  • For foreign citizens – 44.42 BYN, with entering data into the application – 48.02 BYN

The express test costs a little more:

  • For residents of Belarus – 38.51 BYN

  • For non-residents – 44.64 BYN

Test results are issued in two languages ​​at once: Russian and English with a QR code.

To pass the test, you will need a copy of your passport, a copy of your ticket or other document confirming your departure, as well as a document confirming payment for the service.

PCR laboratory opened at the Central Bus Station in Minsk