Two new tourist routes appeared in Grodno region

One of them will pass through the religious places of the region, and the second – through the north of the Grodno region.

The route Holy Joy of Belarus: Confessional Novogrudok includes various sights of the Grodno region. These are natural, architectural and historical monuments.

The fact is that for a long time various confessions coexisted on this territory, which naturally left its mark. There are many old religious buildings in the Novogrudok district. However, tourists often do not pay enough attention to them. To fix this, these objects were included in the new route.

It includes, for example, the Farny Church, in which Yagailo and Sophia Golshanskaya were once married. By the way, Adam Mitskevich was baptized in the same church. There are other beautiful temples, churches and mosques on the territory of the region – they will try to draw attention to them.

The second route runs through the northern part of the Grodno region. The key points of this route are the castles in Krevo and Golshany, which only recently opened their doors to tourists. Workshops and interactive programs will be organized for guests. As part of this route, tourists will also be offered to visit the temples and monasteries of the region, as well as an ancient pagan temple and natural attractions. They even will be able to go rafting down the Viliya.

Two new tourist routes appeared in Grodno region