Minsk is 950 years!
In 2017 the Belarusian capital celebrates the 950 anniversary in honor of what the large-scale program of holiday  events is planned. They will begin still on September 7, but in the main afternoon, by tradition, there will be Saturday – on September 9. We will tell about the most interesting and spectacular actions which surely should be visited to both inhabitants, and guests of Minsk.

On September 8 you are expected by "A show of the singing fountains". Spectacular representation will begin at 21:00 and will happen in Victory park.

Not less spectacular will be also the festival of aeronautics which will take place fr om September 8 to September 10. Multi-colored balloons will soar over the city, and at night pilots of spheres promise to organize a show of the shining spheres.

On September 9 from 11:30 near Sports palace malls will be food courts and the traditional "City of masters" will settle down. There will take place the festival of bread within which Minskhlebprom promises to feed all with huge cake weighing 250 kilograms which will be decorated with 9 petals (in honor of 9 districts of Minsk) and images of sights of the capital. At 20:00 a concert of Presidential orchestra will be held, and at 23:00 the festive program will be finished by a salute.

On September 9 and 10 a festival of historical reconstruction "Minsk starazhytniy" will take place. You will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of XIII-XX of centuries and to learn a little more about history of the capital of Belarus.

On "Stalin's Line" you will see the action devoted to Day of the tankman which will also take place from September 9 to September 10.

Each district of the city has prepared the actions devoted to a holiday of anniversary of Minsk. Therefore wh ere you were, the atmosphere of a holiday will reign everywhere!

The district Event
Factory district September 9. Program "Our City Nice, We Your Particle!" (Zoo, Tashkentskaya St., 40)
September 9. The holiday "Glorifies the City — Factory!" (the platform near "Chizhovka-Arena", Tashkentskaya St., 19)
Leninsky district September 9. Holiday "Big City Day! To Minsk - 950" (the Loshitsky park, Chizhevsky Drive, 10)
September 9. Holiday "Big City Day! To Minsk - 950" (40 anniversaries of October park)
September 9. Quest "Rodna my city, Ljubo ў May" (Loshitsky park)
Moskovsky district September 9. A fashion show of models of clothes of the Belarusian designers "To you, our Minsk, we devote …" (the ave. of the Pravda newspaper, 25)
September 9. BOOM-musical motion rock festival (Dzerzhinsky Ave., 86)
Oktyabrsky district September 8. "Selfie quest" (Asanaliyev St., 48a)
September 8. The holiday "Our City Begins From Here!" ("Falcon", the platform at shopping center)
Guerrilla district September 9. A family holiday of the residential district Stepyanka "My family, my house, my Minsk" (at the plane on Karvat St.)
September 10. The holiday "My Minsk, You Are an Inspiration Source" for large families and families which are in dangerous situation
Pervomaisky district September 9. A holiday in the Botanical garden "Happy Birthday, Minsk!" (Surganov St., 2)
September 9. Holiday "To You My Capital, Is Devoted" (Park of Chelyuskins)
September 9. A holiday on the Children's railroad (Nezavisimosti Ave., 86)
Sovetsky district September 9. Program "City ancient. Wise city. City forever young" (Kulman St., 5a)
September 9. Program "V_nshuyu to a Tsyaba, Wash Rodna the City!" (Nezavisimosti Ave., 54)
Frunzensky district September 9. Holiday "From Mensk to Minsk" (park of the 60 anniversary of October)
September 9. A historical flashmob "Your years, your centuries – in glory of future times!" (Tivoli park)
September 9. Reconstruction of events of the history "950 nice years" (Danila Serdich's square)