Minsk metro is the cheapest in Europe

Insider has examined metro the cost of metro tickets in European capitals. As a result, the first place was shared between Minsk and Kiev. One metro ticket in the capital of Belarus costs only 65 kopecks, and in the capital of Ukraine — 8 hryvnias. This is approximately 32 cents and is the lowest price recorded in Europe.

Look at the list of prices in other European countries:

  • Bucharest (Romania) — 58 cents,

  • Moscow (Russia) — 60 cents,

  • Sofia (Bulgaria) — 90 cents.

The capitals of the Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Greece and Portugal are also in the top ten.

An interesting fact from VETLIVA: any city can be viewed without any excursions or tours, and in Minsk all conditions are created for this. Travelling around the capital is simplified by low cost of transport tickets. Read our guide and the article about 50 interesting places of Minsk, which will help you not to miss anything important.

Minsk metro is the cheapest in Europe