Minsk Mural is recognized as the best in the world

Minsk Mural is recognized as the best in the world

16.12.2019 Minsk

Mural Lichbavy svet, which is part of the triptych Buduchynya, was recognized as the best work of street art in the world. Street Art Cities activists selected the 16 best street art in their opinion, and then voted for the best one. Mural Lichbavy svet won with a stunning result of 53% in its favour.

In addition to the work of the Belarusian artist Mutus, the series of works include murals Frylans by the Serbian author Artez and the mural Hero of the New Hour by the Spanish artist Slim. The mural is an image of a girl is weaving a thread of fate using luminous threads. So the artist embodied the global network in his mural, combining Slavic motifs and technological modernity.

If you are planning to visit Minsk in the near future, take advantage of our city guide and by all means, look at the cool mural located at the end of house No. 134 on Pritytsky Street in the Minsk Kuntsevschina microdistrict.

Source: http://www.ctv.by/

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223042, Minsk district , Semkov Gorodok , Belarus
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