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Minsk is the most popular city of the CIS this winter

Minsk is the most popular city of the CIS this winter


The Russian analytical agency TurStat compiled a list of the most popular cities of the CIS for winter travel. The list includes two Belarusian cities: Minskis located on the first position, Brest - on the seventh.

The ranking of cities was compiled on the basis of an analysis of bookings for tourist trips in the winter. Minsk, Alma-Ata and Baku are leading in the ranking.

The cheapest cities to visit were Chisinau and Bishkek, Baku and Astana became the leaders in luxury leisure.

In addition to the capitals of the CIS countries, tourists often book tours to ski resorts: Silichi and Logoysk in Belarus, Chimbulak in Kazakhstan, Shahdag and Tufandag in Azerbaijan.

Top 10 most popular cities in the CIS to visit tourists in winter 2017-2018:

1. Minsk (Belarus)
2. Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan)
3. Baku (Azerbaijan)
4. Yerevan (Armenia)
5. Tashkent (Uzbekistan)
6. Astana (Kazakhstan)
7. Brest (Belarus)
8. Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan)
9. Chisinau (Moldova)
10. Ganja (Azerbaijan)

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