"Guest card" for tourists
"Guest card" for tourists appeared in Minsk. "Guest card" is an opportunity for tourists to get acquainted with the city and save considerably. It allows free travel by public transport and sightseeing.

Advantages "Guest cards" in Minsk: free entrance to 11 museums and zoo. Discounts up to 50% to more than 20 objects - museums, excursions, water Park. The electronic transport pass. Discounts up to 20% in hotels, restaurants, cafes and shops, rent car.

  • for 1 day - 45 BYN
  • for 2 days - 60 BYN
  • for 3 days - 78 BYN
You can buy a "Guest Card" through the Internet, as well as in the information kiosks of the "Mingorspravka" UE (on Svobody square, 2, and Privokzalnaya square, 5a) and at the information and tourist center "Minsk" (13 Revolution street).