Historical buildings of Pinsk will soon acquire QR codes

Historical buildings of Pinsk will soon acquire QR codes

24.04.2019 Pinsk

In Pinsk, plates with QR codes will soon be hung on the facades of historic buildings. Plates with codes will help tourists to learn more about the historical buildings.

At the first stage it is planned to place 4 plates.

QR codes will get:

In the future, QR codes will be placed on 4 more buildings: the Church of Karl Baromey, the synagogue, the ensemble of the former Bernardine monastery and the facade of the former bakery of the second half of the 19th century.

Pinsk is a unique city of Belarus. It has a huge number of monuments of architecture and urban planning, many buildings of ancient buildings. 186 Pinsk objects are included in the State List of Historical and Cultural Property.

Book a tour of Pinsk and meet personally with the cultural capital of Belarus in 2019!

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