The 100-thousandth tourist visited Grodno

The 100-thousandth tourist visited Grodno

24.10.2019 Grodno

Another record was achieved due to the growing popularity of visa-free travel: the arrival of the 100.000th tourist to Grodno. Statistics on monitoring the dynamics of tourist flow has been conducted since the beginning of 2019, and the results are amazing now. For example, over the entire past year, 92 thousand tourists visited the Grodno region, and in 2019, the 100-thousand  barrier was overcome only in 10 months.

Alexander Kuchinski from the Polish city Belostok is the anniversary guest of the Grodno region. He came to Grodno for the first time. The guest was presented with souvenirs, as well as a certificate that allows two guests to visit the Festival of the National Cultures. The large-scale holiday will take place next year in Grodno. The tourist from Poland was very glad, he promised to return to Grodno with his wife.

Recall that not so long ago, Brest and Grodno tourist areas were united into a single visa-free area. And it is also planned to introduce a visa-free regime for travellers crossing the border through the regional airports of Belarus. All these measures allow foreigners to freely have a rest and travel around our country.


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