Where is it allowed to swim and relax by the water in the regional centers of Belarus

June 2021 turned out to be extremely hot. While Belhydromet records another excess of temperature standards and carefully predicts the weather for the coming days, Belarusians and guests of our country are saving themselves from the heat in all possible ways.

One of the most effective is to plunge into a lake or river, after doing this the sun will bring joy. We offer you to spend your time this way, since Belarus is not in vain called Sineokaya.

We will tell you where you can swim and relax by the water in the regional centers of Belarus.


In Grodno, swimming is allowed in the Yubileynoe Lake, in the Neman on the beach in the Lososno area, in the Pyshki tourist complex, and for those who want to cool off, the central beach near the Old Bridge is open.


Rest by the water in Brest is officially allowed on the Central Beach on both sides of the Mukhavets River in the area of ​​Shevchenko Boulevard. The Vostok beach, located on the right bank of the above-mentioned river in the area of ​​the Guznyansky bridge, is also open to tourists. You can also enjoy the warmth in the recreation areas Krasny Dvor and another area located on Octoberskoj Revolutsii Street.


In Gomel, 10 zones were organized for recreation by the water. In the Central District of the city, you can swim on the Central Beach, Cascade-1 and Cascade-2, Prudkovsky and Volotovsky.

In the Sovetsky District, you can sit by the water on the Lyublensky, Ropovsky and Zapadny beaches.

In Novobelitsky and Zheleznodorozhny districts, the choice is not great: only Novobelitsky and Ozerny beaches are available, respectively.



In the regional center, you can enjoy the hot summer by the water in the Pobediteley Park, on the beaches in the areas of water intake No. 1, in the Mazurino, Frunze recreation parks, on the Vitba River (in the area of ​​the Yubileyny Bridge on Lyudnikov Avenue), in the Pobediteley Park, 1000th anniversary and in Sokolniki.


Residents and guests of the city can splash in 5 recreational areas — the City Beach on the Dnieper River, on the lake in the Brody microdistrict, in the Dnieper Bay on Fatina, on the beach of the Svyatoe ozero, Pechersky Forest Park.


In the capital, swimming is allowed in all designated reservoirs. In the suburbs, you can swim in the Minsk Sea (Zaslavskoye reservoir), Ptich Lakes, Tsnyanskoye and Komsomolskoye, as well as on the Vyacha, Krynitsa and Drozdy reservoirs.

By the way, OSVOD is on duty on all beaches, but don't be afraid. Employees only monitor the safety of vacationers, moreover, they are always ready to help in emergencies.

We wish you a great holiday and an amazing summer!

Where is it allowed to swim and relax by the water in the regional centers of Belarus