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New Year Celebrations in Minsk

New Year Celebrations in Minsk


On this New Year's Eve, the main cellebration of the country will unfold near the Sports Palace

December 31 at 23.00 will begin the program "Happy New Year!". At 1.30 everyone is waiting for the festive fireworks show. Exactly 15 minutes the night sky will be lit up with colored volleys. Celebration on the main place of the country will end on January 1 at 4.00. The fair "Kalyadny Kirmash" will also work until 4.00.

In Minsk on the new year night will work just 22 outdoor celebration venues.
Partizansky district: 
  • The area in front of TC UE "Belarus Department Store"
  • The area in front of MCRCC "Chizhovka-arena"
  • The area in front of IFC "Mandarin"
  • The area in front of soo "Librety" supermarket "Sosedi"
Leninsky district: 
  • Loshitsa estate and Park complex
  • the cinema "salute"
Moscow region:
  • Park them. M. Pavlova 19. 
  • Square Polyanka
  • The District "Milevichi"
Oktyabrsky district:
  • Area cultural and sports center of the unitary enterprise "Minsk branch of Belarusian railway"
Partizansky district:
  • Park of extreme sports
  • Area of the plane on the street Curvata 
May day area:
  • Nezavisimosti Ave., 116 
  • russiyanova str., 1 
  • St. Fogel,1 
  • str Heroes of the 120th division,15
The Soviet area:
  • The area in front of CTOP "Minsk Komarovsky the market"
Frunzensky district:
  • Playground at SE "Minsk ice Palace of sports in Minsk region" 
  • Park named after Hugo Chavez (the intersection of Kazimirovskii - Neman); 
  • A platform at shopping centre "Maksimus" 
  • The Playground near the market "Western"
Central district:
  • Playground at the Minsk state Palace of children and youth

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