Where to walk and see the fireworks for the New year in Minsk?
Mass celebrations on new year's eve in Minsk will be held at 25 open areas, interesting programs with the participation of Belarusian artists and creative teams for Minsk residents and guests of the capital have prepared all the districts. 

The main places of celebration will be the territory of the Palace of sports and October square, which for the first time this year will be a festive new year's concert. On October square will perform Belarusian pop stars (Anatoly Yarmolenko, Inna Afanasyeva, group "without a ticket", J:MORSE, etc.), and the Palace of sports will host a youth party" new year's heat", which will be attended by the most famous Belarusian DJs and dance groups. On new year's eve the festivities will continue until four in the morning.

Festive fireworks on new year's eve in Minsk can be seen on three sites The most ambitious action will unfold at the Palace of sports. The fireworks will start at 1.30 and last 11 minutes. The audience expects a laser show in the original musical accompaniment. The salute will also be launched at two sites in the Frunze district - at the Ice sports Palace (1.30) and in Hugo Chavez Park (2 am).

You can not take alcoholic beverages with you, in the trade pavilions at the fairs you will be offered to buy champagne, cognac and mulled wine.

For the first time on these new year's holidays will be a Christmas town at the city hall. The territory of the Upper town fr om 24 December to 5 January will become a "Walk Gascony yard." Unusually decorated pavilions will be exhibited, wh ere everyone can buy Souvenirs, try pastries and warming winter drinks. The organizers have prepared for Minsk two music project. From December 24 to January 5 at Freedom square at 17.30 and 20.30 you can see the new year's play "Uncle BOM and the magic clock", on October square - at 19.30 and 21.30 musical "new year's planet of miracles". Admission is free. Fairs near the Palace of sports and October square will be open until January 15. 

Based on: www.belta.by