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Where on Braslav Lakes tourists are allowed to rest in 2021

Where on Braslav Lakes tourists are allowed to rest in 2021


The local authorities have published a list of places where tourists are allowed to rest and set up tents in the Braslav Lakes National Park in 2021.

There are 25 such places.

The list includes four recreation centers: Drivyaty, Slobodka, Zolovo and Leoshki.

Summer vacations are usually associated with swimming in a pond, so the authorities have identified places for parking near lakes the Elno, the Snudy, the Bolta, the Strusto. The largest number of permitted places are located around the last reservoir. There are 21 parking lots in total.

Tourists are allowed to rest at the following parking lots: Mezhozernaya, Yelno-1, Yelno-2, Yelno-3, Protoka, Observatory, Bolto, Bolto-2, Bolto- 3, Bolto-4, Khutorok, Budily, Tunis, Kirillovka, Perevoloka, Vyselki, Borok, Kamen, Chernishki, Tyrtsiya and Mayak.

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