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The ecological trail in the Yelnya swamp will increase by 1 km

The ecological trail in the Yelnya swamp will increase by 1 km


The Yelnya swamp has 118 lakes and is an important bird area and a key botanical area of ​​international importance. In accordance with the European Union Habitats Directive, more than 75% of the ecosystems of the complex are included in the list of protected in Europe.

Seven years ago, an ecological path was built on one of the largest in Belarus complexes of raised and transitional bogs with numerous lakes - the Yelnya swamp massif. The eco-trail was created to draw attention to the swamp, which has a history of about nine thousand years, and it itself is one of the monuments of the Ice Age. During this time, tens of thousands of tourists and curious people got acquainted with the flora and fauna of this natural complex.

Eco trail is the easiest way for tourists to travel through the swamp. It is a four-layer wooden deck with a length of 1532 meters. You can walk along it without fear of getting your feet wet.
The deck is 1.5 meters wide and therefore can be used by people with disabilities.

Soon, the ecological path will grow by more than a kilometer along a heavily waterlogged land area. Laying of the walkways has already begun.

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