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It will become easier to get to Belarus from Russia during the holidays

It will become easier to get to Belarus from Russia during the holidays


The railway administrations of Russia and Belarus have increased the number of trains running between the countries. It will become even easier for Russians to relax in Belarus during this period. Additional trains will run from December 29 to January 10 on the Minsk-Moscow and Minsk-St. Petersburg routes.

You can get to Minsk from Russia:

  • By train No. 247 Moscow-Minsk, which departs from Moscow on December 30 and January 9 at 22:58. It arrives at its destination on December 31 and January 10 at 8:31.

  • By train No. 249 St. Petersburg-Minsk, which departs from Russia on December 30 and 31, as well as on January 2,7, 9 at 14:26. In Belarus, it arrives on 31 December and 1, 3, 8, 10 Jan 5:08. 

Return trains: 

  • Train No. 236 Minsk-Moscow departing from Minsk on December 29, 8 January at 18:22 and arriving in Moscow on December 30 and January 9 at 5:54. 

  • Train No. 250 Minsk-St. Petersburg departing from Minsk on 29 and 30 December, and 1,6,8 January at 19:15 and arriving at its destination on 30 and 31 December and 2, 7 and 9 Jan at 9:20.

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