Brest celebrates 1000 years

The city of Brest was first mentioned in chronicles in 1019. In 2019, the city celebrates the thousandth anniversary of its founding. Holiday events continue throughout the year. The breath of the coming event is felt everywhere. It is expected that the carnival procession will stretch for almost 3 km, a book festival, the Millennium show, during which the whole path of Brest development will be shown - only a small part of what is expected.

VETLIVA has prepared a visual guide for you on how not to miss this grand date:

  • Do you have one day? Take a city tour.

  • If you enjoy an all-inclusive stay, book a tour to Belarus with a visit to Brest.

  • Do you prefer to travel on your own? Here are our offers on accommodation and a guide to Brest, which will help you to navigate in an unfamiliar city and not to miss out anything important.

Become a part of the story by visiting the celebration in person. Its scope is amazing and worth it to go on a trip!

Brest celebrates 1000 years