Visa-free travel at regional airports

Visa-free travel at regional airports

02.10.2019 Minsk

The visa-free regime, which allows tourists to freely cross the border of Belarus in the vicinity of the Minsk National Airport, is invariably popular with tourists visiting Belarus. The Ministry of Transport is developing a plan according to which those who use the services of the regional airports will soon be able to use the visa-free regime. Remember that from Gomel, Mogilev, Brest, Grodno, and Vitebsk airports, flights are made to the popular resorts of Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, and other countries.

During the II European Games in Minsk, visa-free travel was universal. The safety of visitors was ensured at a high level, which means that Belarus is quite ready for the introduction of the visa-free regime at regional airports. This will allow guests from different countries to fly to us for health treatment and get acquainted with the sights of Belarus.

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Dzerzhinsky RUPS, а/ya 30, 222720 , Dzerzhinsk , Belarus
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