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Visa-free entrance made Grodno health resorts popular

Visa-free entrance made Grodno health resorts popular

13.11.2019 Grodno

A growing interest in spa holidays from foreign tourists was tracked in the Grodno region. On November 10, Decree No. 300 which allows staying in Belarus for up to 15 days without a special permit and visa has come into force. The expanded zone now includes several Belarusian health resorts, which until then were not available for booking.

In addition to recreation, foreigners are also interested in the sights of Belarus, as well as in memorable places associated with historical figures. They enjoy visiting the Augustow Canal, Novogrudok and Mir castles, and book excursions around Grodno. Tourists are interested in places which Eliza Orzeszko, Adam Mickiewicz, Cheslav Nemen, etc once visited. 

Source: https://alfaradon.by/

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Ozernaya street, 2, 225358, Baranovichi district, Pavlinovo village , Belarus
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From 119.00 EUR / night

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, Grodno , Belarus
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